Inês Batista

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Inês graduated in Biomedical Pharmacy at the University of Porto and did a master
degree in Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Aveiro, focusing her thesis on the
roles of the methyltransferase SETD7 in the regulation of the mammary cells function
and differentiation. Her curiosity about cancer research led her to the University of
Dundee, UK, where she enrolled in a Master degree in Cancer Biology in 2016-2017.
There she worked on a project that focused on the mechanisms behind the DNA repair
response to double-strand breaks. At present, she is in the last year of her PhD, with
focus on unraveling the role in the immune system in PDAC development and the
ability to form metastasis.

In Dr. Sonia Melo’s lab, Inês has participated in several publications and reviews. She
contributed for the discovery of an organized communication network between
subpopulations of pancreatic cancer cells using EVs (EVNet). She also was involved in
demonstrating that Glypican-1 is a potential biomarker for the diagnosis and
stratification of PDAC precursor lesions and early diagnosis of PDAC.

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